Friday, November 13, 2015

You Want a What?

I think we all know that things may be called by different names in different parts of the country. But this was brought to mind today while at Dollar General. The lady in front of me left her bag with two Diet Cokes in it. The cashier called out, "You forgot your pops." 

Well, no one down here calls soft drinks "pop" (unless they are from another part of the country!). Pops is your grandfather. But where I grew up in Indiana, soft drinks are called pop. 

When I moved to Jacksonville, everything was Coke. "Hey, give me an orange coke." Huh? So I started calling it all soda at that point. And I still do even though since then I've lived in England, Okinawa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Georgia.. So what do you call it? Do you agree with the map?


  1. Well, I have lived in TX, MI, CA, HI, SC, MO, PA and overseas, I call it soda pop.

  2. Yep! My county is 80-100% "pop" and I would agree with that!