Friday, February 5, 2016

Avoid Falling Victim to The Knock Out Game and other Assaults

When watching or reading the news, it becomes obvious that life isn't always safe. On Friday I have a class that talks about awareness and avoiding being a victim. Today they talked about the fact that the Knock Out Game is still happening around the country. Thing is, it's not a game, it's an assault. It's where a group of teens or college aged kids target an unsuspecting victim and knock him or her out with one blow. The two things that are pretty consistent about it is that the attackers are always in a group. There is no glory or credit given if the act isn't witnessed and videoed. And the victim is always alone and unaware of the impending attack.

The video below is long, but it's worth watching. They have some good strategies for not being a victim. It's about the Knock Out Game, but might be useful in other situations.

So the thing is to not be an unaware victim. Always be aware of your surroundings. That means looking around you, not down at a phone. Avoid isolated places, including alleys, parking lots when stores are closed and anywhere else not lit or well populated.

Other assaults can happen even when others are around. Date rape is a big problem on college campuses especially. So if you are going to "party" or go out with someone you don't know well, be smart.
Let someone know where you are going.
Have your cell phone with you and keep it charged.
Don't go out alone with someone you don't know well. Go on a group date or to a group activity.
Set your boundaries and let your date know what they are. If he's only after one thing, he needs to know that's not on the menu.
If you're at a party or out and your date starts getting insistent or won't take no for an answer, end the date.
Never accept an open drink or drink from the punch bowl at a party unless you know and trust everyone there. If you set your drink down and it's out of your sight, dump it out. Hold it the whole time you are drinking it. If you go to the bathroom, take it with or get a new unopened one.
Trust your gut feeling. If things don't feel right, err on the side of caution. Go home.
Avoid people and places that don't make you feel safe.
Don't act like a victim. Yell "Get back" and leave if possible.

If you are out alone at night, you are a target for many kinds of assaults. So be aware of your surroundings and be smart.
Park under a light.
Avoid having your hands full so you're defenseless or an easy target.
Walk with purpose--head up. focus on your destination. Have your keys out and ready.
Get in the car and lock the door.
You can't always see your attacker. He may be under the car or crouched on the other side. Be aware.
Do not get in a car even if ordered to do so. Run, Hide, Scream "stranger" or "fire" or anything to get attention. If you get in a car with the assailant, nothing good is going to happen.
If someone demands your purse or wallet, throw it one way as far as you can and run the other.

Use common sense
Be award your surroundings
Be in charge of youself
Stay safe
Help others stay safe

Have you ever been a victim? (If you didn't get help then, get it now. )
What safety precautions do you take?
What advice do you have for others? 
How can a person move on after being the victim of a violent crime?

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