Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Teen Interview: Noah Livesay

Noah is on the far right, 7th grade.

Interview with Noah Livesay

Q: What name would you like the readers to know you by?
A: The name I would want my readers to know me by would be Noah.

Q: How old are you?
A: I am 12 years old and my birthday is March 5th.

Q: What is the most unusual thing about living in Haiti?
A: The most unusual thing about living in Haiti is the way they celebrate the holidays. They do not do them the way we would do them in the states. For example Christmas is only decorated for and celebrated on a smaller scale than those in the United States. One of my favorite traditions we do is our Christmas videos. For one of the Christmas videos I got to be Elvis singing a different version of Don’t Be Cruel. My siblings and I love this tradition.

You can watch some of the Livesays' Christmas videos HERE and HERE

Q: How does living in Haiti make your life different than the average teen’s life?
A:  Life in the Haiti is different because we don’t play sports. The only sports to play here are soccer and basketball. In the states the variety is larger.  One of the most unusual things about living in Haiti is the giant pigs that walk on the streets, and bathing in the gross rivers. But another hard thing about living here is that our friends always leave Haiti. Our field trips are more unique here because we get to go to the beach. The beaches in Haiti are beautiful because the water is see through.

Q: What is your daily routine like?
A: My daily routine consists of the following things: wake up, get dressed, fix my hair, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, feed the dogs, go to school, in the morning at school we do prayer, math, typing, and geography. At lunch time we play games and jump on the trampoline.  In the afternoon we do Reading, Science, English, and Unit study.  After school at home I usually do my homework, then I watch TV and when I’m sick of TV I do whatever I want for the rest of the afternoon.

Q: Tell me about your family.
A: We are a very close family.  Most of the time my family is very nice to each other. Even though there are age differences we usually all hang out together. One thing we like to do is play on the trampoline and compete in butt wars. Butt wars is when you jump from your feet to your butt and over and over again and whoever gets tired/stops first loses.

Q: What talents has God gifted you with?
A: My favorite talent that God gave me is my humor. I use it to make people laugh or smile. I love making jokes around my family to see how they react.

Noah is willing to answer questions from blog readers. So bring on the questions. :)

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  1. Thanks for having Noah and Isaac. I know it was hard to get them to realize how different their lives are (because it is all they know) - but I appreciate the way you stuck with it and gave them the chance to share here. With love, Tara