Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Try This at Home--Building with Graham Crackers

Before vacation is over, you may be looking for something to do. Especially if your younger siblings are driving you crazy. Involve them in this project and see who can be the most creative.

You need graham crackers, frosting or peanut butter to act as glue, assorted candy or other food items for decorations.

Then use your imagination.

My son Adam and his friend Leon built this interesting sculpture at our Thanksgivng get together. (He recently broke up with his girlfriend so just brought a friend)

My daughter Jessica built a penguin encounter with her husband and mother-in-law looking on.

pretty cool!
 My daughter Jasmine and I built a nativity.
We had envisioned a much more elaborate stable, but it kept collapsing!

The other kids' projects collapsed before pictures.

So we decided to try again and built a graham cracker village the last two days.
 We found the easiest way to cut graham crackers is by "sawing" them with a steak knife.
 You needed two end pieces and two side  pieces for each house.

And you need two half squares for the roof.

You can cut the end pieces shorter and use 1/4 a cracker for the sides to make a smaller house.

 Here is our finished village. We've had a snowstorm! You can see that there are cars stranded.

 The people are as big as the houses. The snow is coconut flakes. 

 The trees are made from ice cream sugar cones frosted and turned upside down. The snowbanks are peppermint circus peanut candy (it's usually orange, but the Christmas ones are white) covered in coconut flakes.

So if you get bored during vacation, try building a village of your own.

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