Monday, September 26, 2016

This is the Way to Have School

My cousin Jim and his wife Stacie both grew up on the mission field, and they both became missionaries as adults. They have a sailboat that they use for ministry. They were in Mozambique, then off the coast of Maryland and are now beginning a ministry in Puerto Rico. 

The cool part of it is that their younger two children were home schooled (or is it boat schooled?) the past few years. So in addition to learning math and English, they also learned things not in a normal curriculum: how to navigate, operate the dinghy, trim the sails, operate the lines, anchor and dock. Lauren and Marlene have sailed the boat by themselves between two islands in the Bahamas needing only a little supervision. They've also learned things such as cooking, sewing, sea life, catching and preparing fish to eat, and the history of the islands they visited from Maine to Puerto Rico.
I am writing an article about them for a kids' magazine that I'll share later. 

I think being schooled aboard a sailboat would rock (sometimes literally), how about you?

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